Materials and awesome hats

I’ve been hard at work for a few days getting an update ready for the Peplum Dress. If you’ve read some of the previous posts you’ll know that I’ve been keeping the Materials update to the SL client in mind for this build.

Well, the release of the Materials project kinda caught me on the hop – I wasn’t expecting it quite this soon! Still, challenges are there to be risen to.

In a day or two I should be able to release the update for the Peplum Dress. The new package will include two versions of the dress; one much like before with some small enhancements and a new set that have diffuse, normal and specular maps applied to them. Which one you’ll want to wear is going to depend on how up to date your friends’ viewers and graphics cards are, but at least you’ll be able to be one of the first out there to be wearing cool materials-project leather 🙂

In unrelated news I’ve been listening to / watching Jesus Christ Superstar while working and had an attack of awesome hats. It’s an old affliction that recurs from time to time. In the case of the 1973 film Caiaphas, one of the main baddies, wears a hat so glorious that I usually end up rooting for him over frickin’ Jesus – that’s just how good a hat it is.


That Caiaphas – venal and jealous of power, but lookin good while he did it

Tell me that’s not an awesome hat; I dare you.