New Release : The Bustier Set

What better way to round off a Friday than with a new outfit in latex or leather. OK, so the fabric’s not so summer-friendly, but the amount of flesh bared certainly is!


This outfit can be worn as a dress or as separate skirt and bustier. The package includes advanced lighting model versions in latex and leather as well as a texture-only set for use with the included leather and latex texture packs. Maximum versatility in a scandalously short package!

Get it now on the marketplace or via my in-world vendors at the Little Shop of Kink.

Also today I’m releasing a version 1.1 update for the Strictly Business outfit. One customer pointed out that the rigging on the skirt wasn’t really good enough, so the 1.1 update includes a re-rigged skirt that works a lot better. Use the colour tint HUD to acquire an update at the Little Shop of Kink.


Panel Dress Update

As I mentioned in the previous post I’ve sorted out a glitching problem with the first version of the Panel Dress. Today I released the version 1.1 update with the fix in place and some enhancements to the HUD and texturing system.

Anyone who has already got a copy of the dress can get an update by going to a Kcreations Update Orb (available at the Kcreations main store or at the Kcreations booth at the Little Shop of Kink) and clicking on the silver “Update” button on the dress’s HUD.

Anyone who hasn’t already got a copy of the dress should immediately buy one, because why wouldn’t you?

The new version adds the ability to apply different textures to the side and main panels of the dress – something that, in hindsight, I should have done in the first place 😉

New options for sexiness

New options for sexiness

The update also extends to the Antique Leather Texture Pack for the dress to support selecting which parts of the dress you want to affect.

If you’re prepared to switch HUDs you can even mix and match different materials for a gorgeous leather-and-latex look.