OTS Dress – Progress 01

Work in the mighty forge that is Kcreations never ceases – today I’m showing you a sneak preview of what I’ve been working on this weekend: A one shoulder striped dress.


As you can see I’ve got a leather version rigged and uploaded to the grid. I still need to do the work for the latex normal map and, of course, render up all the textures for the texture packs. So, still plenty to do, but hopefully I’ll have it out and into your hot little hands before too long 🙂


New Release : The Bustier Set

What better way to round off a Friday than with a new outfit in latex or leather. OK, so the fabric’s not so summer-friendly, but the amount of flesh bared certainly is!


This outfit can be worn as a dress or as separate skirt and bustier. The package includes advanced lighting model versions in latex and leather as well as a texture-only set for use with the included leather and latex texture packs. Maximum versatility in a scandalously short package!

Get it now on the marketplace or via my in-world vendors at the Little Shop of Kink.

Also today I’m releasing a version 1.1 update for the Strictly Business outfit. One customer pointed out that the rigging on the skirt wasn’t really good enough, so the 1.1 update includes a re-rigged skirt that works a lot better. Use the colour tint HUD to acquire an update at the Little Shop of Kink.

More on the shop build

The shop build I mentioned in my previous post is coming along. It’s changed quite radically from the original model I posted, mainly to be more open and so that it isn’t showing a closed-off corner to the shop next door.


Right now the main shop build is pretty much finished and textured. There’s still more furniture to build and I’m roughing out the designs for a garden to occupy the remainder of the plot.


The inside is a huge space – well, huge for me, anyway. I’m going to want to spread out a bit or everything will be clustered up one end looking sad.


I’ve also stolen the idea for a sculpture from the boardroom of Tai Yong Medical. I’m sure they won’t mind. They seem like reasonable people.


New Release : OTK Boots

The OTK boots are out, at last!

OTK Boot Vendor

They’re available right now from the marketplace and my in-world shop in Lineside.

It’s been a while since I made some boots and I’m pretty happy with the way these turned out. There’s quite a few new techniques used in their making and more than one mad last-minute idea. Still, for some of the coolest and most flexible boots in SL you know where to go 😉

OTK Boot GroupNotice

In other news Jaqueline Beaumont has left SL and her sim on the Freedom Continent has been taken over by Serjourn Daxter. In an act of madness I’ve rented about a ninth of the sim to build a new…well, something new. A shop, probably. I really should have had a plan before signing on the dotted line.

Still, lots of space, lots of prims, and right next to the Adult Hub BDSM sim. It’s a larger space than I’ve ever had in SL before so the possibilities are exciting.

Right now I’m building what it best described as a modernist pavilion to house a shop. Once things have settled in I’ll see where else it takes me…


I’ve stolen some inspiration for the design from the Otto Bock Science Centre in Berlin plus a load of other buildings that I like. And, yeah, that tiny little red thing in that picture? That’s an avatar, so I’m building big!

OTK Boots – Progress 01

I figured it was about time I got back to some footwear. When rigged mesh came along I went thighboot crazy (it’s a medical condition – look it up) just because we could finally get the cool bendy knees at last. This time I’ve gone for a tall, but not too tall, over-the-knee boot.

When I started this build I kinda thought this would be a fairly quick thing, a palette cleanser after the fiddly madness of the Strictly Business outfit. Turns out I’ve been bottling up a lot of ideas since I last made some boots and the whole thing has suffered terribly from feature creep because they keep spilling out, usually just after I’ve finalised the mesh, rigged and uploaded them.

What was supposed to be a pretty simple project has ballooned into something of a complexity marathon. I’ve added the capability to texture the separate parts of the boot’s construction individually and, once that was working, retrofitted the ability to hide the upper part and have a cute pair of calf-length boots as well.


The image shows the options as rendered in Lightwave’s preview. They look even better in SL with the Advanced Lighting Model enabled (provided there’s enough local lights to make it worthwhile).

If I can stop rebuilding these again for more than a few hours then I hope to be getting these released in a couple of days.

These are also going to be my first boots with a full Texture Developer’s Kit included with the package, so if I haven’t managed to accommodate all your needs with the release package you can always get busy and show me up with your own textures.

For now, though, just drool over the picture above and wait for the drop 😉

New Release : Strictly Business

First of all, credit where credit’s due, I have to give my thanks to Jemsyn Fairlady of Darkadia who came up with an actual decent name for this ensemble. Without her input it would probably be called “Vaguely formal domme-ish thing”. Count your blessings.

FD mktplace 1

Bringing this one to the market has been a bit of a saga – fitted mesh went live when it was approaching the end of its cycle and since it allowed a lot more flexibility in the build I decided to go back and rebuild it, so this is the first bit of Kcreations fitted mesh.

I wanted to make better use of the Advanced Lighting Model / materials in this project but I realised early on that there were problems with this. At the moment there’s no way to access things like the normal map, specular map and specular colour from scripts, which is frustrating as it limits what can be managed from a HUD. If you want this to change (and you really do!) then view MATBUG-359 and upvote/watch the feature request.

This scripting limitation meant that, to have different materials settings I needed to distribute separate objects with everything set up differently in each one. Multiply this by three components (shirt, corset, skirt) and five standard sizes and I was rapidly getting to fifty or more wearable meshes for one outfit. Madness!

Fitted mesh let me bring this down by a factor of five and still provide versions in different materials. Throw in a couple of texture packs for those unable to run ALM and it still weighs in at a hefty package, but one that is at least manageable 🙂

Another problem with building for the ALM is that the outfit looks so different from place to place. With a few moderate lights the outfit looks fantastic; worth the extra effort without question. Without lights it looks drab and flat and with too many too-bright lights it washes out in a burst of dazzling specular reflections. Lighting your environment well is going to become more and more important as more and more stuff takes advantage of ALM, so look to your lights early and often!

FD mktplace 2

An advantage of using the ALM is that the diffuse texture of the mesh becomes much less important, at least for outfits like this. This means that the tint of the surface becomes much more powerful. If you wear this outfit in its basic materials-only mode then you’re no longer limited to the 32 coloured textures I provide in a texture pack – you can pick any colour you want from the millions available.

I haven’t included a texture developer’s kit with this release – the number of components make it a bit unwieldy and putting it together would only make an already overdue release even later. All the support is there for it, though, so if anyone does want to make textures for this outfit then drop me a line and I’ll send you everything you need.

Free Mesh Catsuit – Progress 01

For the last couple of days I’ve been having a bit of a fiddle with my build process. I make mesh clothing by fitting it to another mesh mannequin. So far this mannequin has been a subdivided and slightly tweaked version of the SL avatar mesh.

This has a number of good and bad points. The bad points are that the original mesh is quite low-rez and if you subdivide it to increase the density and help making clothes it generates a few weird artefacts that are really difficult to get rid of entirely. On the other hand everything I make on it automatically works pretty well with SL.

In an effort to rectify some of this I’ve been playing around with Poser (no link – I’m still using Poser 4 from about 2001!) and MakeHuman to make a new high rez mannequin that still conforms closely to the original SL avatar mesh.

I needed to run a quick test to see how things worked out with the new mannequin, so I made a mesh catsuit – they seem to be quite the fashion these days on the grid.


What I’ve come up with is also something of a little test-bed for some messing around with SL Materials. In the picture above there are three versions of the catsuit with three different normal maps – smooth (red), padded (purple) and angled padded (black). The padded effects were done by applying the padded rubber normal map from my previous post to the catsuit and then tiling it across the surface and, optionally, rotating the texture by 45 degrees.

I think the effect of a cosy quilted catsuit is quite appealing 🙂

I still have a bit more fiddling and uploading to do with these, but I’m intending to release the meshes, textures and all the associated assets as a free full-perms kit so that anyone can have a play with them or incorporate them into their own projects.

So, look for an update and release on these in a few days.

I haven’t forgotten about the Dominatrix Formal outfit from last year either. I have some boring script-fiddling to do with it to get it working and I’ve been putting it off because, well, it’s boring. I expect I’ll gird my loins and tackle it sooner or later.