USCSS Conrad, part 4

Work on building the Conrad continues. The past day or two has mostly been spent making small props to flesh out the build. Little things like plates, knives, forks and mugs for the lounge area can be surprisingly time consuming.

Of all the things I’ve built I think making a low poly fork that still looks good has been one of the most challenging, and it’s just a tiny detail in the scene. Possibly the only thing worse is a pair of scissors.

I’m releasing a small freebie with this post: A normal map for a poster. When used on a flat prim it gives a hint of some residual folds on the surface. Makes an otherwise flat poster a little more interesting.

Poster Normals

Poster Normals

Poster normals in action

Poster normals in action

In honour of Linden Lab’s new ToS for SL I’m releasing this texture under the special “Kat’s ‘Go Mad'” license. You’re free to use it for any purpose, anywhere, any time so long as you wear underpants on your head while working with it and mention the word “Wubble” in the attribution.

Medbay has grown but there’s still a lot of work to do there to flesh the place out and make it look lived in. Multiple medical units look great when placed next to each other, casting light from their screens onto each other.

Medbay Expanded

So, still having fun with this build. 500Mb of disk space, 332 files, 143 LI and counting…


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