USCSS Conrad, part 3

I’ve been working on the props for the Conrad‘s medical bay for the past day or so. My life has been full of not only subdivision surfaces but wipe-clean ones as well.

The result of this is a few bits and pieces, the inevitable cryo-sleep pods and the high-tech medical bay’s treatment beds with their integrated CT scanners.

Inevitable, I tell you

Inevitable, I tell you

I’m trying to keep the number of textures to a minimum for most of the build, relying on materials properties that are re-used all over the place. This works well enough on the surgically clean upper decks of the Conrad but the lower decks are going to have to use more, I think. I apologise to your graphics card in advance.

They look good enough when placed in the scene with the right lighting, I think, so we’ll see. Everything’s a balancing act in SL.



The main lounge is shaping up nicely. I’ve made some chairs and tables that I’ve carelessly forgotten to take pictures of, but trust me when I say they’re awesome. Totally.

I’ve finished the lighting rig for it and I think it’s created a nice blend of impenetrable darkness and muted soft lighting that is suitably mysterious. There’s still work to be done fleshing out the props in the room – this project is giving me a new appreciation of the people who create the environments for games; there’re a million little things that need to be done.




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