New Release : OTK Boots

The OTK boots are out, at last!

OTK Boot Vendor

They’re available right now from the marketplace and my in-world shop in Lineside.

It’s been a while since I made some boots and I’m pretty happy with the way these turned out. There’s quite a few new techniques used in their making and more than one mad last-minute idea. Still, for some of the coolest and most flexible boots in SL you know where to go 😉

OTK Boot GroupNotice

In other news Jaqueline Beaumont has left SL and her sim on the Freedom Continent has been taken over by Serjourn Daxter. In an act of madness I’ve rented about a ninth of the sim to build a new…well, something new. A shop, probably. I really should have had a plan before signing on the dotted line.

Still, lots of space, lots of prims, and right next to the Adult Hub BDSM sim. It’s a larger space than I’ve ever had in SL before so the possibilities are exciting.

Right now I’m building what it best described as a modernist pavilion to house a shop. Once things have settled in I’ll see where else it takes me…


I’ve stolen some inspiration for the design from the Otto Bock Science Centre in Berlin plus a load of other buildings that I like. And, yeah, that tiny little red thing in that picture? That’s an avatar, so I’m building big!


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