OTK Boots – Progress 01

I figured it was about time I got back to some footwear. When rigged mesh came along I went thighboot crazy (it’s a medical condition – look it up) just because we could finally get the cool bendy knees at last. This time I’ve gone for a tall, but not too tall, over-the-knee boot.

When I started this build I kinda thought this would be a fairly quick thing, a palette cleanser after the fiddly madness of the Strictly Business outfit. Turns out I’ve been bottling up a lot of ideas since I last made some boots and the whole thing has suffered terribly from feature creep because they keep spilling out, usually just after I’ve finalised the mesh, rigged and uploaded them.

What was supposed to be a pretty simple project has ballooned into something of a complexity marathon. I’ve added the capability to texture the separate parts of the boot’s construction individually and, once that was working, retrofitted the ability to hide the upper part and have a cute pair of calf-length boots as well.


The image shows the options as rendered in Lightwave’s preview. They look even better in SL with the Advanced Lighting Model enabled (provided there’s enough local lights to make it worthwhile).

If I can stop rebuilding these again for more than a few hours then I hope to be getting these released in a couple of days.

These are also going to be my first boots with a full Texture Developer’s Kit included with the package, so if I haven’t managed to accommodate all your needs with the release package you can always get busy and show me up with your own textures.

For now, though, just drool over the picture above and wait for the drop 😉


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