Happy Easter!

I decided on Friday that I should really make something seasonal. Deciding this just as the holiday began may not have been the best idea but it beats my usual Christmas schedule of thinking “Hey, I should do a Kcreations Christmas gift!” around February 3rd.

So, in a flurry of desperately hurried development, I made the Kcreations Bondage Egg!



You can pick it up for free at the Kcreations main store above the Little Shop of Kink in Lineside.

The egg is something you can rez on the ground. If someone sits on it they will be imprisoned inside until someone releases them with a click. When they’re released they’ll be locked into a set of fitted mesh steel shackles in one pose or another. The time they’ll remain restrained for is set at random by the egg, but varies between ten and thirty minutes.

Just a little bit of kinky fun for Easter!


2 thoughts on “Happy Easter!

    • I second that notion. This is the first cuff set I’ve seen that is rigged mesh, and fitted mesh on top of it.

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