Kat’s Un-toolbox : Avastar

I guess this is a slightly odd toolbox post – I’m posting about something I own but don’t use.

Don’t worry, I haven’t snapped and I still class strait jackets as purely recreational garments 😉

Avastar is a plugin for Blender that pretty much brings the SL avatar with all its slider-controlled adjustments into the app for use in building garments and animations. It is a huge and very polished bit of work, better than we have any right to expect for a bit of SL-specific code.

I don’t use it, not because it’s bad, but because I just haven’t fitted it into my workflow yet. It lurks in the background of my creation process, occasionally peeking out and whispering temptations if only I’d take the time to learn how to really use it.

Nevertheless, I don’t begrudge a penny of the money I paid for it because its creator, Gaia Clary, is a vital force in the world of SL content creation. Without her input to the Lindens and the Blender project making things for SL would be much harder than it is now. All of us who make clothing and other things owe her thanks. Also cash.

So I feel that, even if I never use Avastar once, I’ve got my money’s worth out of that purchase ten times over. Every builder in SL should go and give Gaia some of their money right away and thank their lucky stars that she’s had our backs for so long.

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