Free Mesh Catsuit – Progress 01

For the last couple of days I’ve been having a bit of a fiddle with my build process. I make mesh clothing by fitting it to another mesh mannequin. So far this mannequin has been a subdivided and slightly tweaked version of the SL avatar mesh.

This has a number of good and bad points. The bad points are that the original mesh is quite low-rez and if you subdivide it to increase the density and help making clothes it generates a few weird artefacts that are really difficult to get rid of entirely. On the other hand everything I make on it automatically works pretty well with SL.

In an effort to rectify some of this I’ve been playing around with Poser (no link – I’m still using Poser 4 from about 2001!) and MakeHuman to make a new high rez mannequin that still conforms closely to the original SL avatar mesh.

I needed to run a quick test to see how things worked out with the new mannequin, so I made a mesh catsuit – they seem to be quite the fashion these days on the grid.


What I’ve come up with is also something of a little test-bed for some messing around with SL Materials. In the picture above there are three versions of the catsuit with three different normal maps – smooth (red), padded (purple) and angled padded (black). The padded effects were done by applying the padded rubber normal map from my previous post to the catsuit and then tiling it across the surface and, optionally, rotating the texture by 45 degrees.

I think the effect of a cosy quilted catsuit is quite appealing 🙂

I still have a bit more fiddling and uploading to do with these, but I’m intending to release the meshes, textures and all the associated assets as a free full-perms kit so that anyone can have a play with them or incorporate them into their own projects.

So, look for an update and release on these in a few days.

I haven’t forgotten about the Dominatrix Formal outfit from last year either. I have some boring script-fiddling to do with it to get it working and I’ve been putting it off because, well, it’s boring. I expect I’ll gird my loins and tackle it sooner or later.



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