Padded Rubber Walls

I’m sure by now that many of you will have played Marine Kelley’s Bubblizer game. One thing a lot of people have noted is the cool effects if you have a materials-capable viewer. The walls of the playing arena look like shiny padded rubber.

There’re a lot of places around the grid that use textures that look like this but I think Marine is the first one to do it with materials. Since it’s so popular I thought I’d make up a quick normal map that will let you use this effect on your own builds:

Rubber Padding Normal Map

Take a copy of this image, upload it to SL and apply it to a prim on the Bumpiness (Normal) channel in the texture panel of the build floater.

To get the proper polished rubber shiny effect apply a plain white texture to the Specular channel of the surface and then have a play around with the Glossiness and Environment spinners. There’re a lot of different looks you can get by adjusting the shininess settings.

To cover larger areas the normal map will tile nicely. Match it with a checkerboard texture on the diffuse / texture channel to get a more colourful look.

Some examples of the different looks possible with a plain white specular texture are below:



I’m releasing the normal map above under a CC BY 4.0 license, which basically means you can use it for any purpose so long as you give attribution to Kat Fetisov, so go nuts 🙂


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