Peplum Dress Progress 03

I took another little detour today into the materials project system, now in Beta test. I’m trying to ensure that the Peplum Dress is “materials ready” when the project makes its way into the release viewer and 3rd party ones like Firestorm.

I’ve been trying to create an effective leather material for the dress; something that will mimic the baked textures that I’ve made (and that I showed in the previous post) in real time.

So far what I’ve got combines a normal map and a specular map to give something that’s not entirely unlike leather.

PeplumDress Materials

The dress in the picture isn’t using a baked diffuse texture to simulate shine – all of the surface detail there is done in real time. The actual surface of the dress is just a flat black.

Materials support isn’t going to be in the initial release of the dress – it’s something that will come along later in an update – but I thought it was a good idea to get an early start on it while I’m still messing around with the textures 🙂


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