Peplum Dress Progress 02

Things have been going a little slowly lately – some issues in real life and some issues with SecondLife have been taking up some of my building time.

But building has been going on and it’s time for a quick update on the progress of the Peplum Dress.

I’ve been playing around with it quite a lot – mainly with the collar. It’s been through several styles; buttoned, zipped, even laced. The textures have been through even more iterations and I’m still not sure I’m entirely happy with what I’ve ended up with. That always seems to be the way, though, so at some point you just have to get something out of the door and see what other people think!

Right now I’ve settled on the mesh and textures, the models are rigged and I’m doing some in-world testing to see how it works out.

PeplumDress InWorld

So far, thrown together with some short leather gloves and Bax Cohen boots, I think it looks pretty cool 🙂

From here on out it’s all of the production chores – churning out textures, making the HUD and getting all the scripts to work. Last time around with the Maid Dress I did a lot of work streamlining the scripts in both the HUD and the dress, so hopefully this time it’ll be an easier process (fingers crossed!).

With any luck the next time you hear about this it’ll be the release announcement 😉


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