V-neck T-shirt Developer’s Kit

I’m sure many of you reading this blog also follow Shiniez, aka Sjepan Sejic, on DeviantArt.

The other day he posted some T-shirt designs on his DA with permission to make your own. Dari beat me to the punch, using my avatar layer T-shirt templates to make a Second Life version that very day but, like with everything that tries to put writing across the avatar’s chest, the breasts distorted it into unreadbility.

The only answer was mesh!

Shiniez Shirts Vendor
I tried to copy the v-necked style from the original comic panels and I think I ended up with something quite similar.

I’ve also put together a Developer’s Kit for this – the meshes and textures are all full-perms so you can go nuts making your own T-shirts and variations.

Shirt DK Vendor

The Developer’s Kit is available for free at my shop and on the Marketplace. The Shiniez versions, also free, are only available at my shop.

Anyway, this one’s all open for you all to play with. I’d really love to see what you come up with đŸ™‚


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