Kcreations Leather Vest release

In the previous post I talked about a speedbuild project – a sleeveless leather vest. After wearing the earliest version in-world for a little while I fell a little bit in love with it and decided to give it a bit of a better treatment than my last speedbuild, the Dragon Dress.

So, I’ve invested a little more time to give it some nice bump mapping and a full set of colour textures plus a handful of extra ones with an appliqué “BDSM” logo. Roll this up with a HUD and a Texture Developer’s Kit and you have the Kcreations Leather Vest, available now for a very reasonable L$100.

AsyVest GrpNotice

It’s nice to get a product out without having to spend so much time on it that I become sick of the sight of it 😉  With the Maid Dress I was stretching myself on pretty much every front; modelling, texturing, scripting. All that takes time and effort and by the time I was done I was glad to just be done with it. With a speedbuild I get something out that I still want to wear everywhere I go – so don’t be surprised if you see me hanging around wearing this vest for a little while!



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