Speedbuild : Sleeveless Vest

Sometimes, as change from my usual glacial pace, I like to try a speed build of something simple.

The last time I did this I came up with the Kcreations Dragon Dress that’s currently going for an amazing L$10 in my shop. Deirdre of the SLFF blog had asked some designers, including me, for some cheap items to go on sale at her in-world Fetish Spot, so I decided to see how quickly I could get a product worth that price out of the door.


The Kcreations Dragon Dress

I managed to knock that dress up in about four hours. It took another few to sort out vendors and other little details, but I felt that wasn’t bad.

Today I had another go. I recently got a nice vest top with an extravagant collar that I’ve become rather fond of (us bondage types, we’re all about the collars, you know)  so I decided to have a go at making something similar but with a slightly more fetishy edge.

Final high-poly model in Lightwave

Final high-poly model in Lightwave

What I ended up with was a simple square vest that drapes across the hips with a high collar that collapses down into interesting folds around the neck. It’s ended up some way away from the original I have in real life, but I think I rather like it all the same.

So far it’s taken about five hours and I’ve only got one of the standard sizes rigged and uploaded, but it’s enough to have a go at modelling it in-world. I’ve started off with a leather texture for it just ‘cos I think it looks cool 🙂

Showing off the vest in-world

Showing off the vest in-world

I’m not sure if I’ll finish developing this into a saleable item yet – I’ll see how I feel about it tomorrow. I might pitch it somewhere between a L$10 cheapie and my normal prices and give it a simple HUD with a few textures and let anyone ambitious to have a go at the Texture Developer’s Kit fill in the rest.



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