Maid Dress Progress 01

So far I haven’t talked about any ongoing product development on this blog. This is partially because of the way I work – I play around, experiment, try stuff out and, now and then, something escapes into the marketplace.

Lately I’ve been doing too much experimenting, so it’s about time I staged a jail break and got something new out there. Somehow I’ve managed to be making kinky things in SL for more than six years but I’ve never got around to doing a fetish maid outfit. Until now…

Yeah, that's right - poofy sleeves!

Yeah, that’s right – poofy sleeves!

No textures yet, of course, but I’ve taken a snapshot of the current mesh in Lightwave’s OpenGL viewer and run off a quick render with some lighting as well.

I’m not done with the mesh yet – I still need to add an apron and probably some more ruffling around the ends of the sleeves, but you can get an idea of where this is heading.

More to follow…

Update a couple of hours later:

Late evening update...

Late evening update…

I’ve added at least a first attempt at an apron. I think I need to remodel the body of the dress since now I’ve got the apron on there it looks like the skirt is sitting too low on the hips. Oh, well – that probably means an even shorter skirt, but I’m sure nobody will complain 😉


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