Avatar Pants Template

Let’s get this out of the way first: I’m British, so pants are already something you wear under things. We have no separate concept of underpants – underpants and pants are the same thing. We Brits have no truck with this French-influenced colonial nonsense; nor have we since Queen Victoria herself standardised things with the 1866 Royal Commission on Unmentionable Nomenclature. For more information on this subject see my upcoming book: The Epistemology of Undergarments in Three Volumes.

America, whence Second Life comes, of course refers to trousers as pants, much to my annoyance. Nevertheless, I shall swallow my pride and refer to them as pants for the remainder of this post. I will spend some extra time this evening spelling colour with a “u” and drinking tea to make amends.

I mentioned in my very first post on this blog that I’ve been playing around with making avatar textures from cloth-simmed meshes. I made a T-Shirt and put the resulting template textures up here for anyone to have a play with. This time I’ve done a similar thing with the pants template:

Rocking the leather pants template in-world

Rocking the leather pants template in-world

These textures are made by taking a high-poly cloth-simulated mesh and then using surface baking to transfer all the details down onto the avatar template. The original mesh is about 130,000 polys, so baking it down to one texture is quite the saving in overhead despite losing some of the detail.

High-poly mesh in Lightwave

High-poly mesh in Lightwave

This time I’m giving away the basic diffuse template and something parhaps a bit more interesting: A baked leather template. Without further ado, then:

Diffuse texture

Diffuse texture

Leather texture

Leather texture

Neither of these textures have any details like pockets or seams, so they’re not really ready to go straight into something you can use, but they should provide some useful extra detail and texture to anything you’re working on already.

I’m releasing these textures under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 license – meaning you can use them pretty much however you like so long as you link back to this post and mention my name (Kat Fetisov, in case you’ve forgotten in the time it took to get this far down the page).

The textures are provided at a resolution of 1024 x 1024 to give you a little more flexibility with things – scale them down to 512 x 512 before uploading them for use on avatar garments.




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