Stuff I can’t sell : Empowered Outfit

Sometimes I make stuff just for my own amusement – sometimes they’re experiments, sometimes they’re copies of copyrighted characters (like the one in this post) and sometimes they just go terribly, terribly wrong.

I’ve been a fan of Adam Warren’s Empowered comic about a bondage-prone superheroine for some time now and a while back I made myself an Empowered costume. If you haven’t heard of Empowered before I urge you to go check it out and give Adam Warren some of your money – you can get a flavour at his DeviantArt.

empowered 02
Obviously, Empowered herself is a copyrighted character, so I couldn’t put this outfit on sale but it made a useful diversion for a couple of hours and let me try out a few new things:

First of all, the outfit in my inventory is just a single wearable prim – the Empowered mask. When I wear it it gives me two #RLV folders containing two versions of the blue catsuit. Once it detects that the two folders have been received it will force-wear one.

One of Empowered’s defining characteristics is the fragility and unreliability of her super-suit. It tears very easily and, when torn, her powers fail her. This is when the bondage happens 😉 I tried to give this suit a flavour of that by having the mask prim track collisions and, each time a collision above a certain threshold occurred it would add a little to a damage counter. When the damage counter got high enough it would use RLV to unwear the original suit and substitute it for a ripped-up version.

empowered 03

I thought I might re-use some of the scripts I wrote for this at some point in the future, but I’ve kinda got out of making clothing-layer stuff in SL, so I’ve never gone any further with them.

Still, at least I get to bounce around the metaverse as a super chica in painted-on-slutwear from time to time 😉

empowered 01


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