Stuff I can’t sell : Antique Leather Catsuit

For the last couple of products I’ve released I’ve also released an Antique Leather texture pack. I think these have looked pretty good on the mesh boots, gloves and dress, so I had to ask the obvious question: What about a matching catsuit?

LPD Antique Leather Vendor

The antique leather effect is a procedural texture I’ve put together in Lightwave, so it was pretty easy to bake off a set of textures for the avatar mesh. Flat on my screen I thought they looked OK too.

How did they look uploaded to SL and worn as a catsuit?

Oh, dear God!

I’m modelling as hard as I can, but nothing works!

Well, like a dreadful skin disease.

I think I precisely hit the desirability valley in between “Desirable wearable” and “Grotesque enough for horror costumes”. I estimate the market size here as zero.

Feast your eyes!

Feast your eyes!


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