Kat’s Toolbox : Paint Shop Pro 6

When I talk to people who’re just starting out making stuff for Second Life a lot of them ask me what software I use, so I’m going to do a series of posts detailing all the bits and pieces in my toolbox.

The software I use has just sort of piled up over time without rhyme or reason – some I use because I’ve been using it since long before I got into SL, some I’ve discovered since and some I’ve had to write myself.

I’m starting with one of the oldest bits of software I use, and I use it all the time: JASC Paint Shop Pro 6.00. Yes, that’s right, software from 1999 – in a few years it’ll be old enough to drink!

I can’t even remember whether I actually bought this or got it for free with a printer; still, no matter what I paid for it I think it’s a bargain for all the use I’ve got out of it.

1999 called, they want their software back!

Paint Shop Pro 6.00

So, why am I using such an ancient bit of software when much more capable stuff like GIMP is available for free? Well, I do use more advanced image editing software (see later toolbox posts, I expect) but for basic operations like layering up templates, resizing, tweaking a few pixels there’s been nothing to improve on for many years. PSP6 does all that just as well as the latest PhotoShop but it has a tiny memory footprint and starts more or less instantly.

A lot of the time having something that is immediately available and won’t hog memory from anything else is more useful than the extra functions of a bigger package.

So, newer isn’t always better – here’s to the old packages that can still cut it!


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